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The World-Shaking iPod Just Turned 15 Years Old


From the first iPod to the iPod shading to the Nano, Apple's music player was an incredible achievement.

The iPod turned 15 years of age yesterday. To perceive this stupendous day, we went for a walk through the Entrepreneur documents, just to go over a 2006 article, Age of the iPod, which takes a gander at the obvious achievement of the convenient music player from its introduction to the world in 2001 to 2006.

"Is Apple Computer's iPod the best shopper result of our time? At least, it's a verifiable achievement," the story peruses.

After ten years, the gadget that shook up the tech world and the greater part of our lives remains a noteworthy crossroads in current history (and still lives on in Apple's item lineup). Today, in a world loaded with smooth iPhones, weightless MacBook Airs and our great companion, Siri - the iPod appears like a relic of the past. Be that as it may, it's effect ought not to be disregarded.

Not exclusively did Apple lead the flood of smaller sound players back in the mid-2000s, it turned into "the symbol of cool," peruses the article. The iPod made ready for creative, easy to-utilize tech items. "It was the primary player to wed generous stockpiling limit with extraordinary looks, little size, and basic controls." It includes, "If not the best result of our time, it's surely some portion of the dialog."

With self-driving autos and arranged treks to Mars, times beyond any doubt have changed, yet we ought to never forget that this present day period of innovation began with a pocket-sized music player.
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